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• 4/7/2016

Let's Build This Wiki

Hello everyone,

Although Idle Adventures has not yet reached Closed Beta, that doesn't mean we can't do anything to this Wiki. I feel it would be best if we discussed the best way to organize ourselves, and prioritize content for pages. 

We're currently in need of screenshots of the game and any knowledge about the game that Jagex has released. In addition, we need to get this Wiki structured correctly for fast growth when the closed beta comes.

To recap, we need:

  • Photos
  • Templates
  • Articles about known content
  • A set of Categories to use for pages


Any screenshots, artwork, concept art, or in-game photos that Jagex has released about Idle Adventures. We can work on those right away by uploading them, even if we don't have pages for them yet.


I think it'd be a good idea if we got started in building or at least getting ready to build templates for Idle Adventures. These would be things such as NPC, Quest, and Item templates.

Articles about known content:

Anything and everything that's currently known about Idle Adventures, including game mechanics.


We can't really focus on these until we have pages to put into them, but ideally we'd be looking at categories such as "Quests," "NPC's," Etc...

Does anyone have anyhting to contribute to this discussion?

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• 4/7/2016

Someone's on the ball haha.

I'm guessing that much of the early game story progression will involve helping out towns and exploring dungeons, so we'll need a category/template for those too.

I'm hoping that this game has many levels of complexity over adcap, so my wishful thinking is getting in the way of trying to create a template without having the beta to reference.

• 6/21/2016

I'm filling in the wiki as I progress in the game.

I have writen every quest down that I came by, I will make a page about that soon.

I know this post is a couple months ago, but i hope i can still help this wiki :)

Edit 50 mins later: Will add more, got some couple quests left to fill in and other stuff. Will do when I get back home from work. 

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