Quest Masters are NPCs throughout the game who offer quests to complete for rewards ranging from Anima to unique items to skill plots and new towns.

To start a quest click on the icon on the top right of one of the hotspots in the town. It will open a dialogue where you can begin the quest. During a quest, the player if given a choice on how to respond to certain dialogue. This does not affect gameplay; it is merely for fun and to give players a chance to say different things during different playthroughs.

To hand in a completed quest move to the town where the quest was started and click on the green arrow in the top right of one of the hotspots, or open the quest menu and select the completed quest. This will open a dialogue where the quest will be completed.

Currently there are 43 Human Quests and 4 Divine Quests.

Mortal Quest Masters Edit

Divine Quest Masters Edit